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Basilio Marcos


  • Email: basiliomarcosjb@gmail.com
  • Phone: +63977-182-4172
  • Languages: English, Tagalog
  • Nationality: Filipino

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My Story

I'm Basilio and you can call me Jb.I'm a freelance WordPress Web Designer and a Graphic Artist based in the Philippines.

My career started as a local IT Staff which is mostly focus on technical work until my interest shifted to another field which is software developer that I find, is more challenging. I started my Graphic Artist career as a hobby in 2013 and as time goes by, it become my bread and butter.  In 2017, I expand my market and shifted my work services from local market clients to a Freelance Web and Graphic Designer for foreign clients.  I have serious passion for UI effects, animations and creating intuitive. I more focus on using CMS platform like WordPress and Shopify. But I also do some static web page and React front pages from scratch. I love helping and seeing my clients to achieve their goals and satisfied with the outcome of my works.

My Motivation

Currently, I am a member of a nonprofit group who sends under privilege students to schools and helps them with their school finances. This has been my advocacy after meeting the founder of this group. His passion and sincerity towards the students made me join this group. I even encouraged my friends to join me with this advocacy. I also donate a certain portion of my salary or earning that I get on my projects.